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Chinese Dough Dolls
The Chinese Arts Council teaches the art of making Dough Dolls at a Family Festival


Pacific Asia Museum’s Arts Councils are a great way to get involved with the museum and to contribute to the community. The members of the Arts Councils share an interest in the arts, cultures, and peoples of Asia and the Pacific Islands. The councils take trips to interesting places in and around Los Angeles, organize cultural programs at Pacific Asia Museum, and provide invaluable volunteer support and resources for special events.

There are eight active Arts Councils:

  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Pakistan
  • Family Festival, 2007
    The Pakistani Arts Council teaches traditional food preparation at a Family Festival
  • Korean
  • Philippine
  • Myanmar
  • Thai

Call the membership office today at (626) 449-2742 ext. 37 or e-mail to learn more about becoming a member of one of these essential Arts Councils!