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Leaving the Museum


Genie Nakano 


Rain slicing across the museums courtyard
Dark, heavy, clouds masking an afternoon sky
The rain with all it’s majestic drama
was performing for my mother’s funeral
Misako Shintani Davison’s
unfilled desire was to be an actress
And on this day nature was Misako’s full ensemble.

And the rain did not stop
It played on and on
The Neptune boat had to turn back
It was too perilous, the captain said.

Is mother dead
Or am I
I’m still numb from daddy’s death
Just 2 months ago he died

But the cold relentless droplets of rain
Are reminding me I’m still alive

But will my legs walk up the stairs?
One step at a time
One stair at a time

Opening the doors
It’s warm inside
I can go on
I will go on
Her friends are here
My friends are here
And you were here.

You worked on events here
Meeting people
Greeting people
A devoted docent
Gracing the halls of the museum.

A decade later
I return to the museum’s blue room
Writing haiku in the afternoon.
      Mom, I feel at home here too.