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Chinese Ceramics
Chinese Ceramics

Online Resources

Tomb Treasures

Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Han Dynsaty Map

Library of Congress, Country Studies, China
Includes chronology of Chinese dynasties

Los County Museum of Art
Chinese Art Collection;=chinese&method;=artwork&permission;=3

Lee Kong Chian Art Museum
National University of Singapore
Ceramics Collection

Minneapolis Institute of Art
World Ceramics

National Gallery of Art
The Golden Age of Chinese Archaeology

National Palace Museum
Taipei, Taiwan
The Development of Porcelain in China

Asian Gateways
Chinese Tomb Treasures

Arthur M. Sackler Gallery
Ancient Chinese Pottery and Bronze

Seattle Art Museum
Porcelain Stories

Secrets of the Great Wall
Discovery Channel

Ancient Chinese Technology [student created]

University of Evansville, Indiana
Exploring Ancient World Cultures, China

The Heavenly Horse in China

The Art of the Horse in Chinese History
Kentucky Horse Park
International Museum of the Horse


Reaching Distant Lands

Asian Society, New York
Fire over Earth: Ceramics from the Collection

Celadon Techniques
Metropolitan Museum of Art

Google 3D Warehouse Model of Forbidden City

Iraq and China: Ceramics, Trade, and Innovation
Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery

Manufacture of Porcelain, 1743

Porcelain from the Henan Museum, China

NASA / Jet Propulsion Lab
Radar Images of Silk Route

Lost Cities of the Silk Route

Should China End Zheng He's Treasure Voyages?
Curriculum on Trade in the Indian Ocean


Fit for the Emperor


Dragons in China
China the Beautiful

Dragon Robes
Minneapolis Institute of the Arts

Dragon Robes of China's Last Dynasty
San Diego Museum of Art


Chinese Symbols

Chinese porcelain
Minneapolis Institute of Arts



Chinese Culture, Original Source Texts
Fordham University

Lessons on Daoism and Confucianism
Cleveland Museum of Art

Works by Confucius, The Internet Classics Archive, MIT

Confucianism, Asia Society;=&grade;=&geo;=


Ceramics General

Ceramics Today

Ceramics Glossary
Rufford Ceramic Center, UK


Print Resources

For students

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A scholar and artist wins over an angry dragon.

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An empty pot—a piece of Chinese porcelain—is featured in this story and illustrations echo porcelain designs.

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Min-Yo the smallest and lightest person in the land asks the Moon Dragon for help.

Ho, Minfong. 1996. Maples in the Mist: Poems from the Tang Dynasty. New York: Lothrop Lee.
Poems for students from China's Golden Age of poetry.

Kerven, Rosalind. 1994. In the Court of the Jade Emperor: Stories from Old China. Cambridge, MA: Cambridge University Press.
Tales of dragon princesses and gods and goddesses.

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Covers the Silk Route between China to Byzantium.

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Ancient China from a young person's perspective, covering customs, school, food, family life, clothing.

Williams, Jay. Everyone Knows What a Dragon Looks Like. New York: Four Winds Press, 1976.

Williams, Suzanne. 1997. Made in China: Ideas and Inventions from Ancient China. Berkeley, CA: Pacific View Press.
Chinese technological innovations, including bronze casting, astronomical research, and ceramics. Teachers guide available.

Xuan, Yongshent. 1999. The Dragon Lover and Other Chinese Proverbs. Auburn, CA: Shen's Books.
English and Chinese versions of traditional stories.

Young, Russell. 2000. Dragonsong: A Fable for the New Millennium. Auburn, CA: Shen's Books.
A young dragon searches the world for wisdom.


For Adults

Brown, Roxanna and Sten Sjostrand. 2000. Turiang: A Fourteenth-Century Shipwreck in Southeast Asian Waters. Pasadena, CA: Pacific Asia Museum.

Caroselli, Susan L., ed. 1987. The Quest for Eternity: Chinese Ceramic Sculptures from the People's Republic of China. Los Angeles; Los Angelse County Museum of Art.

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Wood, Nigel. 1999. Chinese Glazes: Their Origins, Chemistry, and Re-creation. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press.

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