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21st-Century Buddha Path by Dan Zumwinkle
Dan Zumwinkle, who seeks to experience the core truths of the world's great teachings, documented his 21st-century experiences along the path trod by the Buddha more than two thousand years ago. Someday he may settle down like his mother wants him to.
[Animated by Marisa Feng]

“When I Become a Buddha”: Compassionate Beings by Don Farber
Photographer Don Farber has documented Buddhist peoples and practices in Asia and the West for more than twenty years. His beautiful photographs record children aspiring to enlightenment in Buddhist communities throughout Asia and the United States.
[Animated by John Marchena]

“Learned in the Buddha’s Word”: Buddhist Practice by Don Farber
Don Farber’s photographs bring to life one of the earliest Buddhist sutras yet identified: “You should find companions who are intelligent, learned in the Buddha’s word, and who have abandoned doubt. If you find good, wise, and strong companions, wander with them, satisfied at heart, mindful, awake.” (“Rhinoceros sutra,” 1st century A.D.)
[Animated by Marisa Feng]

Hollywood Buddha: Pop Culture Appropriation by Julian Bermudez
Photographer Julian Bermudez wandered the glitzy streets of Hollywood, California, to explore the way Western culture has borrowed Buddhist ideas and images.
[Animated by Ann Zumwinkle]


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